July 13th, 2020

WARP storage engine updated for MySQL 8.0.21

MySQL 8.0.21 is out, and the WARP storage engine has been updated to support the changes made in the new version.

There are no significant functionality changes to the storage engine for MySQL 8.0.21, only the minor changes required to compile in the new version.  

I will be posting benchmarks of WARP vs InnoDB and Column Store using the Star Schema Benchmark, DBT3, and some other comparison tests.

I will also be releasing a Docker image to make testing WARP easy.  As always, binaries are available upon request.  Keep in mind that WARP is a pluggable storage engine, and you can request just the plugin, or the whole MySQL 8 release,  for version 8.0.19, 8.0.20, or 8.0.21.