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ss - oscar

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Flexviews for MySQL 1.0.3-alpha released
ss - oscar
Make sure you set sp_max_recursion_depth - see the instructions file.

functions/procedures now take parameters in DB,TABLE order.
demo database removed from sourceforge and added into SVN/release tarball.
GRANT USAGE on *.* to flexviews; is now the default permission level of the flexviews user
I removed the mview_ prefix from filenames.
flexviews.add_table() now checks for the existence of the table and the table's mvlog

get it at http://flexviews.sourceforge.net

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More documentation and examples

Hi Swanhart,

Can you please send across examples and usages of flexviews. The demo provided in the download is insufficient and contains few errors. The documentation is also insufficient. I would be very grateful to you if you could please help me out with this.

Email id is roopa.nitk@gmail.com

Thanks and Regards,

Re: More documentation and examples

What problems are you having with the demo in the download?

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