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Some thoughts on recent events (repost)
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[something happened to this post and I am reposting it]
It was suggested by Monty that the posts I've made about MariaDB are for publicity. This simply isn't true. I would have much preferred a different outcome in my interactions with MariaDB. I figured that they would end up giving me a hard time, and I'd be stubborn and we'd both hate each other for as long as I could keep from leaving. A quick separation actually seems much better in such context. Regardless, I would have preferred to speak amicably to the MariaDB Corporation about switching the license back, or at least moving to the new license at the time of the notification of the community, ie, changing the license so that bug fixes for 1.3.4 were not mingled with new 2.0 features.

It could have been easily possible to have a 1.3.5 release that fixes the major bugs in 1.3 and then release a new set of features as 2.0. This would have been at least reasonable, but by mixing 1.3 and 2.0 fixes in with the new license.

But really, the license change should be in 2.1. It should have been announced that that there were plans to change the license. By doing what they did with 2.0, they effectively extort at least some (in their minds 1%) of their users for bug fixes.

I think that 2.0 should be relicensed GPL, and that the 2.1 line (with some new features not in 2.0) made BSL. This is only fair to the community and existing users. Existing users could choose to stay with 2.0, with the promise of major bug fixes in the 2.0 and 2.1 lines until 2.2 is released and 2.0 becomes GPL.

MariaDB makes changes to the storage engine API without even consulting the mailing list. In fact, some MariaDB replication features don't work with TokuDB because a new storage engine API call is required, and this call requires functionality that might not exist in all engines, that is, the engine must be able to convert a transaction id into a THD object. No API is provided by the SE to make this translation. MariaDB must communicate changes to the storage API to the public so that the public can ensure that tools made to work with MariaDB continue to work with MariaDB. It doesn't matter that TokuDB is made by a competitor. In a foreign language article, Kaj recently said MariaDB is more open than Oracle because it includes many storage engines. This is a crappy argument. MariaDB is trying to say they are better than Oracle because they profit more from including code they didn't actually write, that mostly only half works anyway? The Cassandra SE is effectively dead, CONNECT is externally maintained, MROONGA isn't maintained as far as I can tell, and it doesn't really work right, Spider has issues as well. I don't think shipping a bunch of broken stuff that you didn't write, and that you won't help remain compatible being more open...

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