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Sounds cool. Perhaps you can also add the Gearman UDF and the memcached UDF.

I would like to add gearman as a daemon plugin and add the UDF into the server. If you want to make it a priority, fork a copy on github and I'll merge the changes in.

what about starting off with drizzle?

It seems that it would fit most of your requirements: a cleaned-up codebase, more/better extensibility points, a focus on community

Re: what about starting off with drizzle?

Drizzle has diverged very far from MySQL. It removed a lot. I don't want to remove a lot, I want to add a lot. It would take a lot of effort to add back many of the missing things that I want that were removed in drizzle. And backporting new features from MySQL 5.6, etc, would be very difficult. Backporting the multiple trigger support from 5.7 will be important, where drizzle removed triggers completely.

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