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Can't wait to get involved

Hey - I am definitely delighted to discover this. cool job!

flexviews without aggregate-functions


We're trying to use flexviews to denormalize a database - so there is no aggregate functions, just simplifying the joins we have to use in our application.

I ran into some trouble when i'm executing the refresh-method. Got an "column-count doesent match row-count"-error.

After a little debugging it seems the SP "apply_delta" has a bug in the section where it deals with non-aggregate-functions.

v_mview_schema, '.', v_mview_name,
' SELECT (NULL - we added this), ', flexviews.get_delta_aliases(v_mview_id,'',FALSE),
' FROM ', v_delta_table,
' WHERE dml_type = 1 AND uow_id > ', v_refreshed_to_uow_id,
' AND uow_id <= ', v_until_uow_id);

When we added a null-column for the auto-inc it seemed to work. Is this a bug, or are we not using it correctly?


Re: flexviews without aggregate-functions

This looks like a bug. Can you please post an example on the bug tracker please?


Re: flexviews without aggregate-functions

Done :)

future of flexviews

Is this project going to be developed further?

Re: future of flexviews

There are a few open bugs posted on the bug tracker which need to be resolved, but I haven't had the time to work on Flexviews recently. Hopefully that will change soon.

Is there something in particular you are having a problem with, or are you just seeing if the project is still active?

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