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Flexviews 1.6.0-RC2 is released
ss - oscar
Available immediately Flexviews 1.6.0-RC2.

This release is a bugfix release.  This is the second Flexviews release candidate.  If no major bugs are discovered the next release will be the GA release.

Flexviews is a stored procedure managed materialized view system for MySQL 5.1 or greater. 

What is fixed in Flexviews 1.6.0-RC2?
  • Numerous performance fixes. 
    • Flexviews uses fewer temporary tables and subqueries
    • A full table scan of the view is no longer required (only changed GB keys are scanned)
    • Dead code has been removed
  • Bug fixes
    • Removing tables and adding them to a view again could result in the WHERE clause being generated in the wrong order
    • Fix a problem with applying deltas to views which use PERCENTILE
    • Improved error messages
  • FlexCDC Bug fixes
    • Bulk insert mode did not work when a transaction changed rows in more than one table

Please note that I am not currently making separate FlexCDC releases.  If you are only interested in FlexCDC, you will find it in the consumer/ subdirectory of the Flexviews tarball.  I will package FlexCDC up as a standalone release along with the GA release of Flexviews.


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