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Can't wait for table change logs.
At today's keynote by Mark Callaghan one of the new options he talked about are table change logs. He mentioned they might be of use to external applications, like Flexviews, which he mentioned but not directly. He asked if the guy who wrote it was in the audience, so I got to wave my hand and yell 'Flexviews!'.

I caught up with Mark at the Facebook party this evening. I had a chance to talk to him not only about the change logs, but also about Kickfire and the SQL chip. He asked me what I thought about working at Kickfire and I smiled and said I love it. I think I said "I've never been able to join a billion row table to a hundred million row table, sort, group and get results back in less than a minute" and I'm sure the smile never left my face.

As far as the table change logs, he verified:

  • The global transaction id will be stored in the table

  • OLD and NEW rows will be available for updated rows

This is great news for Flexviews ( Currently triggers must be used to maintain table change logs and this incurs a very high performance penalty for writes. With storage engine level change logs, this penalty is much reduce because the version information for the rows needs to be maintained for rollback purposes anyway. MVCC is great.

I also spoke with the folks over at the Primebase booth about getting similar change-logging enabled for PBXT tables as well.

So far I'm enjoying the conference immensely. See you tomorrow!

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There wasn't much of that which made sense to us simpletons, but I'm glad that you're happy, love. Have fun!

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