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make it easy

Please pick the LGPL for this stuff. Makes it easy for people to not have to figure out the legal situation around stored procedures. Is it linking is it not?

Agreed. ExtJS recently moved from LGPL to GPL, and on top of that even explicitly stated in their license that if your code so much as builds a JSON object that is specifically meant for use in one of their components that code (be it PHP or any other web language) has to be GPL as well. We were considering upgrading from 1.1 to 2.0, but since 2.1 is the version that was changed to GPL we probably won't be moving to 2.0 just so it's less likely someone will accidentally upgrade to 2.1 and jeopardize our software.


Sourceforge has been getting way too clunky for my needs, and these days I'm using Google Code for new projects. No skin off my back if you use it, but why not Google Code?

I'm just kind of partial to Sourceforge. I helped arrange for the Arizona Sourceforge mirror at Easynews a few years back. Plus, I'm familiar with it already.

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